About Us

About us

International Bodyguard Academy is one of the most prestigious bodyguard, security and anti-terrorism education organizations of the world; established in 2007, has representations, members and training camps in many countries and it has the international non-governmental organization “INGO” status.


International Bodyguard Academy gives professional training and guiding lessons to army, police and civil bodyguards all around the world in an unique training environment. it helps bodyguards to advance their professional talents, skills and careers.


The biggest ability that International Bodyguard Academy acquire for it’s members is to think as if the guarded ones are the offensive ones and beyond that protect by taking the initiative.


Private guarding and security has been a developing sector in recent years that definitely has a great future. but unfortunately we know that the most of the active working private guards in the world are uneducated. just a small fraction takes a formal education and takes no retrain about it.


We are pretty sure that professional guards have to get a strong and deep-rooted education to serve their employers excellently.


Therefore we, as the founders of International Bodyguard Academy, decided to use our knowledge and skills which we gathered in various countries by attending security, close-guarding and anti-terror training camps with taking intense professional trainings to provide a international career to those who makes a living out of this.


Our goal is to provide safety to those ranking persons, persons that diplomatic, persons who works in public, who works for law or artists  and other whoever feels anxiety for their life’s; thus they become happy individuals in their business and family-oriented life’s.



28.05.2012 – 3.06.2012  

International Bodyguard Academy  İstanbul has finished with success!!!

Thanks for all participants.


Basic Bodyguard Training (  Basic Skills )


5 days , 40 Hours


Basic Bodyguard training, the participants become most needed information during this training .


Course contents :


* Protective Escort

* Protective Driving

* Communications & Electronic Counter-Surveillance

* Improvised-Explosive-Device – Search


* Bodyguard Para medicine


* Cloce Combat





Engin Deniz Karadağ

International Bodyguard Academy

Ceo & President

0533 542 86 78





Human Resources


One of our main reason of our success is to employ qualified and experienced personal in our service group . wealways strive to add high skilled members to our team . we also interest for cooperation with other security companies, private persons about research and development .


if you would like to join to our Team feel free to send us your CV and contact us .


Registration to our courses is also listed.


Trainers staff : retired and active military , police and best trained members  can also apply us for being trainers and member of our family .


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